Engaged Patients Cost Less

SHI Global works with health organisations to achieve scalable, sustainable solutions to reach more patients within their existing infrastructure, human resources and funding pools; educate, engage and empower patients in their self-management to shift care off their resources and onto the patient and their support network at home; and embrace cost effective and impactful prevention programs to decrease patients from clogging their systems with preventable conditions. Visit to find out more about SHI Global's platform.  ​

Prevention programs with scale and reach 

Reduce healthcare costs through scalable, sustainable personalised interactive   programs that are accessible to 1000s of people, can target specific demographics, measure, evaluate and improve outcomes.

Maximising Outcomes
for health organisations, care 
teams and their patients

Strategic Health Innovations

Pre and post surgery programs

Prepare and rehab patients with  
​​peri-operative care plans that reduce patient anxiety, improves recovery, reduces complicatons, coordinates care outside the hospital walls, improves outcomes and ultimately saves costs.

​​ Ambulatory care, injury rehab, physical health

Create and deliver dynamically progressive prescriptive exercise programs for injury rehab and full body workouts for all levels of aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and balance.  Programs that achieve high levels of compliance and patient satisfaction.

Strengthening Patient Engagement and Support 

SHI Global

​​Enhance Patient Self Management  

Our agile cloud based platform is used by  health care teams to strengthen patient engagement, maximising outcomes for their patients, themselves and their organisation. Using innovative tools health care teams build and deliver generic, time-lined packets of care that provide engaging content in small manageable increments that educate and empower patients to achieve their identified outcomes. Once built these care plans can be easily personalised, measured and used 1000’s of times making healthcare delivery scalable, measurable, co-ordinated across the entire continuum of care, truly patient-centred, cost effective and go a long way toward healthcare sustainability.

Engage, empower and support patients to self manage with your interactive, timelined

care plans ​