About SHI Global

Solutions that maximise outcomes for you and your patients
We work with you to evaluate your unique needs and customise a solution to ensure you build successful health care programs that deliver measurable and long lasting improvements for your patients. 

​Turning motivation in to action  using a structured daily patient plan with interactive the tools and activities to achieve it.

Successful long term healthcare
The right information at the right time in easily understood formats 

Successful, long term health care includes prevention strategies, a collaboration of institutional providers and patient self-management in the home and community. It can be achieved in a safe, financially sustainable way with the best possible patient outcomes. 

Engage and empower patients and their support PRACTICALLY to do more to help themselves, under the guidance of the people they trust with their health and wellness; whilst giving health professionals and businesses the tools to work with patients in a holistic, integrated way for optimum outcomes. 

A solution that goes beyond just information;  an online software platform for health care teams to provide a patient with a single, coordinated daily care plan to do at home; a plan they create through collaboration with the care team; a plan that turns information into action, measurable results and better outcomes.

About Us

 SHI Global assists health care providers to move people from health service dependency to being able to safely rehab, manage or prevent a condition themselves under the guidance of their health care team. 

To achieve this SHI Global has built mobile cloud platforms that move care to the home,  prevention before the need for escalated care, and rehabilitation programs that get patients back to maximum functionality. 

The platform's tools provide pathways for healthcare to be holistic, treating the whole person rather than the condition in a financially sustainable way.

Susan Binks

Susan's international marketing and public
relations career spans over 25 years and
she has successfully taken a number of
products from development through to 
commercial launch in several countries 
around the world.

Meet The Co-founders

Strategic Health Innovations

SHI Global

​Allan Binks 

Allan has worked in the Allied Health industry for the last 10 years and has a strong background in financial management, strategic planning and partnerships.