Strategic Health Innovations

SHI Global Solutions

Chronic disease prevention programs 

Our platform is being used for chronic disease prevention and management programs where organisations have turned their paper based and labour intensive prevention and management programs in to online, interactive programs to target specific demographic groups.    Health organisations are able to deliver interactive online programs to large population groups in a measurable and financially sustainable way that improves long term outcomes.  

Mobile cloud based - access anywhere, anytime​

  • continually improve your patient programs without limitations or compromises
  • real time updating makes changes immediately available 
  • real time view of patient progress and reporting
  • access anywhere, anytime on any device that is connected to the Internet. 


  • individual user login access
  • access and levels of security set by the business owner
  • encrypted communication
  • HIPPA compliant servers

SHI Global

Pre and post surgery programs 

The success of any operation doesn't begin or stop at the surgical theatre door. Now you can influence how well prepared are your patients before they reach the operating table, particularly in elective surgery, and how well they recover and maintain good health beyond rehab.  Our platform is designed to be truely patient-centric, improve outcomes and help you move the continuum of care seamlessly beyond the hospital or clinic.  Engaged, educated and empowered patients proactively self care at home freeing up skilled staff to address more patient specific needs rather than education. The content of the care plans delivered to your patients can be in a variety of formats to help health literacy ; videos, podcasts, pdf information, graphics, how to videos, interactive forms, email reminders, messages of support, exercise videos .... the list is limitless. Patient activity is logged, feedback is in realtime and data gathered to measure, evaluate and refine careplans to ensure the very best program is delivered every time. 

As a result patients are engaged and confident;  satisfaction and outcomes increase. Costs are reduced through minimal complications, readmissions, unexpected outpatient and home care visits and efficient use of resources. is scalable, fast to implement and easy to integrate into today’s many and varied hospital IT structures.  Fast and early adoption in weeks rather than months.  

Women's health

Women’s Health is a vast and complex area and although Obstetrics and Gynaecology conditions most commonly spring to mind, Women’s Health is far broader than this. From the health professional’s perspective they are often limited in the care they can give their patients by time, resource and financial constraints (attributable to both parties), meaning most issues get managed as isolated conditions; not as part of the holistic health picture in which they truly reside. Many women’s health issues would benefit from broader, more holistic management that explored techniques for physical and emotional wellbeing in support of the condition at hand, yet often treatment time has to be taken up with the priority management of the condition for which help was sought.         
 A major strength of, timeline based Carepacs is the agility to add and upgrade content, information and specific plans to address other lifestyle factors such as stress management, emotional health, education about alcohol, exercise plans, nutrition and the broader impact of hormones to address emotional and physical health. This enables the clinician to focus their one-on-one time on the individual’s specific needs in accordance with their area of clinical practice. 

Total physical health and wellbeing 

Provide personalised full body workout programs based on an individual's level of strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness and balance.  Programs that progress an individual's fitness level, enable self management and correction using videos and split screen technology.  Programs that can provide additional information for a more holistic approach to wellness, track progress, enable secure communication and much more.....

Reducing hospital readmissions

Hospital readmissions are not only costly but also clog an already over congested service when many readmissions can and should be prevented.  A USA study "The Revolving Door: A Report on U.S. Hospital Readmissions An Analysis of Medicare Data by the Dartmouth Atlas Project Stories From Patients and Health Care Providers by PerryUndem Research & Communication"  has identified the main reasons largely preventable readmissions occur.   

  • "Some patients leave the hospital with a treatment plan for one illness when other problems of equal importance are ignored.
  • Many patients are discharged without understanding their illnesses or treatment plans, or inadvertently discontinue important medicines needed to stay well.
  • Family members are frequently not included in discharge planning, even though they may be central caregivers to the patient.
  • Sometimes the physicians caring for the patient do not communicate with each other and fail to develop a coordinated plan for post-discharge care.
  • Patients may not have the right prescriptions or be able to fill them.
  • Appointments with primary care clinicians or with specialists may not occur soon enough after discharge.
  • Without a clinician visit, an opportunity to recognize that the patient is not improving may be missed.
  • Information about a patient’s hospital course does not always go to the appropriate community clinicians.
  • Most important is the lack of clarity regarding the clinician who is responsible following discharge; accountability is scattered among hospital staff, community physicians and nurses, skilled nursing facilities, and families.
  • ​Without clear accountability, problems that could be prevented are missed, leading to emergency room visits and repeat hospitalizations." helps you address these problems. 

Ambulatory care, injury rehab and conservative programs 

Create dynamically progressive exercise programs with relevant information, advice and messages of support that are aligned to a patient's ability or condition. Invite other health professionals, such as a patient's surgeon or doctor,  to view, contribute and follow the patient's daily care plan and progress. 

Implement conservative pathways when surgery is not an option.

Popular Features 

The patient - health care team experience is seamless, engaging and successful

One platform for the healthcare team, patient and caregiver 

  • create condition specific templates called Carepacs™ using your protocols so that you can be assured the care you want for your patients is consistent.
  • health teams easily collaborate, evaluate, measure and modify the Carepacs™ 
  • Carepacs™ can be edited for a patient’s specific condition or needs 
  • information, how to videos, activities, forms time lined to appear at the most appropriate time to avoid 'information overload'.
  • unlimited users, multiple clinics can be set up within a business
  • secure, encrypted communication between health care team, patient and caregivers
  • ability to address co morbidities within one patient plan - holistic care has never been so easy to deliver